With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Radical Responsibility"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" - Lord ActonLet the absolutes of mathematics control what no one person or entity should control. The simple voluntary act of freeing power over defining value, we allow all of us to awaken our greatest opportunities for Connection, Love, and Power in our Vulnerability and Compassion.

One Love Ethos
is powered by Ethereum and the Aragon network, a blockchain global computing platform.

One Love jurisdiction will be able to be seamlessly upgraded and solve human challenges using a decentralized governance system.

A Blockchain
is a distributed, append-only database hardened against tampering and revision that provides a single shared source of cryptographically verified truth.

This ensures that One Love will always work, even if a malicious third party tries to tamper with it.

Decentralized Governance
lets One Love Ethos manage the entire ecosystem using the blockchain. This makes Aragon organizations more efficient than their traditional counterparties.

By making it possible for everyone in the world to organize, we are enabling the borderless, permissionless creation of love.