Sharing One Love with ALL

An experiment in love, celebration, and consciousness like nothing we have ever experienced before.

Imagine an experience where people of goodwill come together to expand, deepen, and share the Love that connects us all, where everyone experiences grace and healing, explorations in a variety of Vibrations of LOVE, and a celebration of themselves and each other.

Spiritual Awakening

Depending on the spiritual tradition or esoteric philosophy, Spiritual Awakening can be described in many ways and terms and is often referred to: "waking up" ... Self Realization... Self Awareness... Enlightenment... becoming more "Conscious"...having the "veil" lifted... breaking out of the "matrix" ... shifting Vibration or a "shift in consciousness or conscious awareness", .. and many more terms and phrases.


Imagine human economies where people of goodwill come together and celebrate beauty, individuality and sharing, where there is no fiat, where all exchanges are gifting in one or both directions. If you’ve been to the Burning Man festival you know how magical and life-changing such an experience of Love and connection can be.

Now imagine the next step of evolution. Imagine a magical ecosystem with all of the above but created from the ground up completely by gifts of Love. An entire economy run by participants who are given access as a gift of Love, where no fiat is required for food or drink or anything else.

How is such a thing possible? We invite you to participate in an experiment whose time has come.

The Crypto Unicorns have identified conscious festivals as the melting pot for the leaders of tomorrow (some already today), which we relate the most with the term “Indigo Children” and the Indigo Index to measure the wealth of a nation in this new era of economics. Crypto proliferation is just starting to be observed in the conscious music, art, healer, and scientist communities. For example, Envision Festival in Costa Rica just completed its festival and tours, which marked the first time in their history that Bitcoin was accepted for payment. OneLove Eco has already secured partnerships to provide festival ticketing, secondary Decentralized Ticket Exchange (dTEX), crypto POS systems, crypto ATM’s, crypto tours (surrounding festival events), crypto charter services, and global marketing to a billion people who are a part of the Earth Conscious Movement. All of these services will be provided to festivals for a cost close to zero. No longer will corporate intermediaries stand in the way of the content creators who wish to build the value for their communities.

OneLove Eco, a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC), will be the proof of concept on how communities can decentralize governance and utilize its token to run the entire ecosystem of smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions; basically a complete closed economic loop that has removed “profit” from the equation. We already have a US based ICO launching platform to host our Donation Token Generation Events. As we receive donations OneLove Eco will be able to begin the creation of our planned “industry tokens,” which will be the Festival Token/DAC (FEST) that includes creating the first ever fully crypto funded/operated/governed music, art, yoga, film, science festival in Puerto Rico. This will further focus awareness towards the enrichment being done by the crypto communities. The Travel Token/DAC (TRAV) will provide education to participants about local cultures, sustainable living, eco traveling, and eco economics.

Securing your support is instrumental in creating the world’s first fully crypto funded, operated and governed LovEarth Film, Music, Art, Yoga Festival hosted in Puerto Rico. This will help to enrich local community, without pressure of generating certain revenue to make it successful. We will donate all revenue generated to help rebuild Puerto Rico and strengthen what has been destroyed. Thus proving the real world applicability and impact of a decentralized governance model is crucial. Receiving support from crypto funded communities would help to show the positive impact that cryptocurrency is capable of and enable the people of Puerto Rico to utilize their creative minds as artists, musicians and disruptors of all kinds.


To get there from here, we have to agree on some basics:

  1. (+) Love expresses connection and harmony
  2. (-) Fear expresses separation and disharmony
  3. Love is the highest form of value in voluntary interactions
  4. Goodwill is necessary to experience the maximum results of this experiment. Goodwill is a gift of Love. Ill will is an expression of Fear. Harmony grows from EXCHANGES OF LOVE, by whatever token or action.

If you agree to these assumptions, the rest becomes possible.

Love is a Gift from the Heart, Not the Pocket

Value is a weird thing. Nobody sees value quite the same. Money is very useful but can really mess with our ideas about what real value is. What is satisfactory in exchange for a kind word? A “Thank you”? At least. A smile? Usually more prized. A hug? Ah, now that’s golden! A dollar? Uh . . . Is “insult” a strong enough term?

You CAN use money to show love. But mainly we think of money as “a necessary evil” tainted by fear and greed. Isn’t it sad that the first thing we think when asked what something is worth is also considered “the root of all evil” and not “a whole lot of love”?

This year’s LovEarth Festival will be powered exclusively by Love!

No one will be able to buy a ticket! But the Festival will be packed!

Fiat won’t buy a meal there! But everyone will have plenty!

How can that be?? Ah, you’ll see.

For now, practice seeing the fear that separates, and experience the Love that connects. After all, that’s the change you really want to see in the world, right?