OneLove Eco - Tokenizing The Experience

MISSION: Create a Community-Owned Global Conscious Ecosystem via Initial Token Donation Offer

OneLove ECO Token (“10ve”) serves as both a utility token for online, in-app, and Festival-site products/services; plus serves as a proof-of-stake token for its holders’ participation in the re-contextualization of the global conscious economy.

VISION: Proof-of-Love (POOL) for Autonomous Control of Access to Limited Resources

Existing Festival Token holders may enter into our Proof-of-Love Lottery each year for Festival attendance – The 2018 Lake Perris Festival will allow 8,500 tickets (1,500 tickets going to 2017 purchasers of the 10,000 planned 2018 attendees) to be given away for free and candidacy is improved through greater Token ownership and length of time controlled by the holder. This Proof-of-Love Lottery can be applied in any use case where there is more demand than supply; for example a workshop that only can accommodate 10 people and there are 5,000 ticket holders that want one of those ten spots.  The benefit is the Token’s power of deciding who has access, which is autonomously controlled by the 10ve POOL protocol -- a system that is immune to the typical failure points of centrally controlled institutions.

FRAMEWORK: Building Bridge along the Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) Innovation Pipeline

The crypto festival industry DAC will overcome critical obstacles faced by competing Festivals through the launch of a Music/Film Production incubator that serves as both a global promotion for the Festival (and its Token(s)) and, thus, generates greater intrinsic value for the Festival's domestic and global expansion.  Moreover, the Festival will serve as the anchor dates for Label Artists' tours.

VALUE CHALLENGE: Community Growth for Token & Ecosystem

  1. Festival Sustainability: How to build an audience/community that is sustainable over time?
  2. Token Demand: How to create a Token that trades with increased value?
  3. Brand Awareness: How to continually expand Festival brand to new audiences?
  4. Ownership Democratization: How to decentralize Festival control of access for all participants within the entire ecosystem?

SOLUTION: Hybrid Festival, Label & Ecosystem

  1. Production Incubator Launch: If the Festival's incubator promotes artists that sell hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of products each year, the Label's Artists will draw their fans to the Festival through their annual performance at the Festival – an anchor date for Festival Artists' tours.
  2. Product Distributed Tokens: If OneLove Eco Token(s) are distributed with every on-line Label sale, Token demand will increase from both scarcity (Token price inflation via speculation) and its utility value for both the Label's premium Artist content/access and Festival services that can only be purchased with one of the Festival's compatible tokens -- a Label token is planned as a compatible spin-off.
  3. Global Partnerships: If the Label produces bilingual, cross-cultural talent that can be released by global label (promotional) partners, two benefits occur: (a) increased foreign sales due to American producer's global competitive advantage; and (b) foreign promotional partners who will then be vested to co-present Festival in their own territories for the Festival's multinational expansion.

Three Year Global Co-Creation Roadmap

The 2018 California One Love Fest will be our proof-of-concept that it is possible to broker a deal to decentralize the governance of a legacy company and create greater value with the application of crypto to solve previously insurmountable friction points that limited effective scaling. One Love Foundation will seek out similar legacy companies with similar characteristics in our target markets and broker a similar deal where centrally controlled enterprises are transitioned to crowd-owned decentralized governance.  Most may come for the party, but leave with an education of what happens when power over creativity is decentralized and exchanges of value occur from a place of love.

  • 2018 - Genesis One Love Gathering November 1-4th, Lake Perris, California, USA
    • 10,000 attendees and hundreds of contributions from music, art, yoga, healing arts, film, and science.
  • 2019 - Global inclusion of four additional markets: 1) India 2) China 3) Mexico 4) South Korea
    • 100,000 attendees and thousands of contributions from music, art, film, science, yoga and healing arts.
    • The OneLove ECO Gatherings will occur simultaneously across the world in all five markets.
  • 2020 - Global expansion into five additional markets: 1) South Africa 2) Australia 3) Japan 4) The Netherlands 5) Chile
    • Over a million attendees across the globe in 10 markets that contain billions of people.
    • The One Love global festival experiment will occur simultaneously across all ten markets.  All generated data from a global gift-based economy with unlimited socio-economical variations will be made public.

OneLove ECO - Indigo Era

OneLove ECO and the Indigo Era Economics

One of the main value propositions for the OneLove festival events is to attract the most talented and powerful leaders of today and even more importantly the leaders of tomorrow.  OneLove Eco will be creating experiments to test how best to be the tree of life to enrich, empower, strengthen and grow these new formed friendship bonds that span the globe in all languages and all cultures.

The Indigo Era, or "Indigo economies", is a concept first publicized in early 2016 by international businessman Mikhail Fridman, the co-founder of LetterOne, an international investment business. He used the term to describe an emerging new era of economies and economics based on ideas, innovation, and creativity, which he sees as replacing economies which are based on the possession of natural resources. The word "indigo" was initially chosen based on the term indigo children, which has been used to describe people with unusual and innovative abilities.
He describes the Indigo Era as a disruptive era driven by extraordinary levels of human creativity, where abnormally talented individuals and entities are able to realize new levels of human potential and economic achievement. It is "a new economic era where the main source of national wealth is no longer resource rent but the socio-economic infrastructure that allows every person to realise his or her intellectual or creative potential." But, according to Fridman – based on his observations of recent economic indicators, political and market volatility, and historical patterns – it is also an era that will generate winners and losers as lagging countries and groups fail to adapt quickly enough.
In late 2016 LetterOne's Global Perspectives journal published an Indigo Index, ranking 152 countries on their ability to compete and grow as economies move away from being powered by natural resources to being powered by ideas, creativity, and digital skills. In 2017 it launched the Indigo Prize, to award new concepts of economic measurement beyond mere GDP as countries in the 21st century transition into economies where innovation, creativity, and digital skills are economic drivers. The competition is intended to "stimulate debate about factors currently measured, given evolving economies, technology and skill bases, and what should now be taken into consideration in official economic statistics that measure the health, size and growth of a modern economy."

OneLove ECO and the Indigo Children

Like the foundational ethos of Bitcoin, the OneLove ECO Token (10VE) will be borderless, transnational, transcultural, translinguistic and open to anyone in the world with an internet connection to participate.  That being said, one of the main focuses of this project early on is to empower the Indigo Children of the world.

While the word "indigo" was adopted from the term indigo children, LetterOne's Global Perspectives website adds that the indigo symbolism "embodies a breaking of the norm, something that is highly reflective of the new era that we are entering into, one that lacks convention and is driven by innovation."
In an April 2016 article in RealClearPolitics, retitled and reprinted in May 2016 in the Jerusalem Post, and reprinted in November 2016 under the original title in LetterOne's Global Perspectives journal, Fridman wrote:

We are entering a disruptive era driven by extraordinary levels of human creativity. A new generation of curious, strong-willed and talented individuals is unhindered by convention or the past. This new “Indigo” generation is now shaping tomorrow’s economy and creating national wealth. I use the term Indigo because it has been used to refer to children with special or unusual abilities. This is an era where abnormally talented individuals and entities are now able to realize new levels of human potential and economic achievement.

The Indigo Era Economical Problem & Building Bridges

Organically growing sustainable free-open-market economies are challenging and the biggest friction points are caused by the lack of open-transparent value and reward systems.  Additionally, there is a lack of community bringing people together from all over, as One Being in Humanity, who will celebrate the richness of our differences, and create a new world of possibilities for this beautiful symphonic moving painting, or play, we call life.  Many individual tribe leaders are brilliant in building a community around their core values, but struggle with translating that into a value exchange experience where everyone involved feels their needs are considered; let alone properly rewarding referral/affiliate networks to further grow loyalty towards their tribe.  


The Indigo Children of the world will come together to co-create transformational experiences that embraces the deepest truth of our interdependence as One Living Planetary System and embrace wholeness and balance in all paths, showing how we may all benefit from complementary collaboration, learning, and sharing around different realms within the OneLove Ecosystem. The obvious solution is for the OneLove Economy to allow individual tribes to “share the love” by creating individual tribe tokens that gain tradable value as the tribe brings in more value to the entire ecosystem.  

  1. The Indigo Era represents the sum of all creative human value that is growing from decentralized markets and communities. Value being produced by the Indigo Children allows tribes to create, operate, and govern themselves within the OneLove Economy.  Initially, it will be powered with network partners including, but not limited to EOS, Ethereum, Aragon, District0x, Bancor, Tokenly, Poet, BitGo, LovEarth, and IPFS. Once our open sourced and open licensed libraries are built and our Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) Blockchain (LoveHub) is live we will transition into a self-sustainable closed-looped ecosystem.  OneLove token (10VE) solves this problem by removing debt-based [fiat] currencies from the equation and allowing for organically grown free open markets to form with the tokenization of creativity in the purest of form. The OneLove Economy will be secured and managed by a blockchain (no intermediaries) and the unit of account will be the OneLove Token (10VE).
  2. Additionally, all participants in the economy will then only have to use a single form of payment, which will be dynamically calibrated to the holdings present within the CryptoHeart Consumer Wallet and their local fiat currency.  Using an electronic gift strategy to increase the inflow of value into an ecosystem has already proved successful with platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Wholefoods, iTunes, etc. The problem in almost every case is the immense resources needed to manage and secure a centrally controlled gift card and central bank fiat model, which inevitably fails once the central authority is compromised or goes bankrupt.  This central authority risk creates a liability for any economy, which ultimately limits scalability and can generate conflict at every point the system can be manipulated. By securing and adding decentralized immutability to the ledger that tracks who-owns-what in the blockchain OneLove is able to put 100% of its resources into supporting the development of individual tribe communities.
  3. One of the main prime directives for the OneLove Hub DAC is to curate, test, develop and showcase the best technologies being developed around decentralization and individual empowerment. Our decentralized governance will serve as an incubator,  educator, mentor and capital supporter for any community member who proposes an idea or technology that brings value to the One Love Eco.
  4. OneLove Hub DAC will also be working all year in aligning global partnerships to ensure continuous evolve-ment and growth of the entire ecosystem.  This includes deals with future festival host countries, artists, musicians, music labels, social media, etc.

Empowering the Indigo Era by sharing the DaPP love

The world is moving away from centrally controlled public resources, which includes the broken central server model that runs billions of hosted websites.  LoveHub is already participating in this evolution with its decentralized governance and now the decentralized frictionless economy with the 10ve token. This equates to a powerfully lean system that will at some point run autonomously and bring operational costs close to zero.  This is possible because the OneLove Economy of today will be the Decentralized Application (DaPP) co-operative of tomorrow. Utilizing advanced AI application designing/building technology (Created by any manufacture, merchant, blogger, celebrity, artist will be able to custom build their own web application that runs their entire online persona without any technical knowledge. In addition to hosting all of their online products and services they will be able to plug-in LoveHub’s entire e-commerce ecosystem with a click of the button.  This whole system runs on the decentralized web, which means there is no need for a web host, site/app backup, complicated digital security certificates; overall with markedly lower barrier of entry into the internet economy with no central point of failure.

By plugging in the LoveHub DaPP, users will have the option to use its unifying design themes, adding further value and authenticity to their products and services, while still being able to create their unique brand with the help of thegride’s AI app-designer.  

Evolving with Tokenization of Everything

The world is already seeing artist tokens, application tokens, access tokens, compliance tokens and even unicorn tokens.  Almost any physical/virtual asset can have a paired digital proxy in the form of a token. OneLove’s business strategy is to create a space that allows these free open market experiments to evolve organically so the best tokenization use cases rise to the surface and bloom into the economy of the future.  As of now the best available technology to allow autonomous exchange of tokens with tradable value and without need for liquidity is with Bancor’s Smart Tokens that run on top of the Ethereum tokenization network as well as decentralized exchanges where participants can share the love.  This allows even finer granular support to the fringes of the OneLove Economy. The Bancor Protocol™ is a new standard for cryptocurrencies called Smart Tokens™, which are autonomously and continuously convertible to each other at algorithmically calculated rates. The protocol standardizes the use of a “connector token”, held as a balance in the Smart Token’s™ smart contract, and used as a variable in the protocol’s price setting formula.

An example: the Engineer Tribe creates a new solar panel that increases solar energy absorption by 200,000% and they want to sell energy online to their neighbors through LoveHub’s DaPP.  To fund the project Engineer Tribe launches an ICO in which the created token allows the holders to purchase solar energy as well as redeem for the actual solar panels to be shipped after they are manufactured.  Sally contributed $1,000 worth for the Engineer Tribe’s Power To The People Token (PTTPT). While waiting for the solar panels to be made Sally decides she wants to purchase a different OneLove community created product.  Since OneLove implements the Bancor Protocol for its ecosystem token standard, Alice can now technically trade energy (PTTPT) for the other merchant product instantly and with no additional steps.  All of the complexity of valuation, conversion and settlement is run autonomously on the Ethereum network and the n v OneLove Heart Wallet will detect what tokens the user holds and provide immediate tradeable value for each of the tokens within the OneLove Economy.

Decentralizing the One Love Economy

One Love Fest is tasked with using crypto to refit the entire festival economy we are going to reorient to a more basic definition of “value.” The concept of Value has become much too stuck to the number of Federal Reserve Notes (USD) or other national currency units that “attach” to the item or action we are considering the value of. Since One Love is offloading the gatekeeper access control to the autonomous decentralized Proof-of-Love smart contracts, nor trading access for money, “value” does not need to be considered exclusively in terms of fiat currency. With this in mind you will notice in our open public 2018 budget published from the immutable steem (also factom, and whatever other immutable ledger) blockchain or should we say, not-notice, any traditional titles that are not backed by value in all cases.

A common example of a title not intrinsically backed value is “CEO.” Many CEO’s of startups are the most valuable contributor because they are also a founder, sole worker and/or single resource provider, but not all CEO’s bring value in the form of work. When a human gives away the power to define their value they allow others to define it anyway they see fit. Legacy working titles were adequate for over 100 years because the centralized authority driven standardization had been the dominating culture throughout the Industrial Age, but as decentralized systems continue to scale beyond the limits of the centralized institutions our culture must adapt and overcome this challenge. One Love Fest started this crypto leap of faith from the ground and has grown orthogonally horizontal rather than centralized vertical trajectory. Notice there are no defined leaders, but we confirm we each have had the opportunity to lead the co-creation. We use centralized decision making when it is intentional, but as time goes on most of them are focusing on building their unicorn superpowers and the collaborative work seems to happen effortlessly.

Proof of Fan

To help artists and other social influencers (musicians, painters, performers, healers, spiritual guides, etc) build their fan communities One Love Eco will have a running voting paywall for their favorite influencers to join the upcoming festival.  The One Love Fest telegram group will be the place for various bot experimentations for voting, distributing voting/artist tokens and any other proposal approved by the Block Producer Governance. and will both stream data gathered from the telegram community and any other source of fan based communication to the organizers. One Love expanding, from it seed, with integrity as it rapidly grows into the Tree Of Life; to directly nourish all of its community, and indirectly the entire world, through its inspiring testament to a new paradigm of love-based community in action.

Proof of Worker

Proof-of-Worker is needed for anything that requires a spent transactional event on an immutable ledger. The crypto specific address will be tied with a verified public name/title. Love Wizard in the OneLove decentralized organization defines their value/work/unicorn-power as “the person who creates Love out of Ether.” Here is Love Wizard’s Bitcoin Key Signature that proves they control the private key, which also establishes a cryptographically proven identity and signed information that can be authenticated by anyone wants to know with absolute certainty the identity of the owner of the private key.

MESSAGE: Love Wizard
ADDRESS: 3HEpWqk7iwPpyY7VdyfrQaLUHF7NeK1ihr
SIGNATURE: I0yhTIgUnRBipKY8Pcd46NywMFKEqI4LpeQ0FPwLol7+f0eyGJ364qxxNF2RymLJ/0vRrWZGH+/v6sWcNpADHug=

Example Signed and verified Message Created by Love Wizard

Solving Contributor Fear

Many whom invest their time, money, resources, energy, and/or focus into something with counterparty risk, before being able to receive desired value, have felt that fear related to the counterparty who controls their value. Using Multi-Signature accounting on the most trusted immutable ledger ever created by humans, Bitcoin [Ethereum], solves the problem generating side-effect observed when an authority has the ability to exploit through their disproportionate power over the value exchange agreement.

Multiple-Signature Accounting

Multi-signature (multi-sig) refers to requiring more than one key to authorize a transaction in the Internet of Money. It is generally used to divide up responsibility for possession of scarce digital assets like Bitcoin. Multi-signature has been used for thousands of years to protect the security of crypts holding the most precious relics of saints. The superior of a monastery would give monks only partial keys for gaining access to the precious relics. Thus, no single monk could gain access to and possibly steal the relics.

Standard transactions on the Bitcoin network could be called “single-signature transactions,” because transfers require only one signature — from the owner of the private key associated with the Bitcoin address. However, the Bitcoin network supports much more complicated transactions that require the signatures of multiple people before the funds can be transferred. These are often referred to as M-of-N transactions. The idea is that Bitcoins become “encumbered” by providing addresses of multiple parties, thus requiring cooperation of those parties in order to do anything with them. These parties can be people, institutions or programmed scripts.

Connectivity: The Special and General Theory

Using Lorentz transformations instead of Newtonian mechanics – We have discovered an unexpected by-product of these calculations to be a love [energy] term which does not vanish at zero speed. In the spirit of Einstein’s “Special Case Theory of Relativity” we will call it “rest love” (L0): love which every mass of value must possess even when being at rest.

Due tovalue-love equivalence, the rest love of the system is simply the invariant value times the speed of light squared. Similarly, the total love of the system is its total (relativistic) proof-of-love (m) times the speed of light squared. Any time-like four-momentum possesses a reference frame where the momentum (3-dimensional) is zero, which is a center of momentum frame. In this case, invariant love is positive and is referred to as the rest love.

Proof-of-Love is the amount of love is directly proportional to the value of money:


L0 = rest love

m = 10ve; detailed below (m = VT + ∑10VE)

c = speed of light in a vacuum

"Love equals Proof-of-Love times the Speed of Light squared." On the most basic level, the equation says that Love and Money (10VE) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Under the right conditions, love can become value, and vice versa. We humans don't see them that way—how can physical love and 10VE be different forms of the same thing?—but Nature does.

So why would you have to multiply the value of a gold coin by the speed of light to determine how much Love is bound up inside it? The reason is that whenever you convert part of a gold coin or any other piece of value to pure love, the resulting energy is by definition moving at the speed of light. Pure Love is electromagnetic radiation—whether light or X-rays or whatever—and electromagnetic radiation travels at a constant speed of 300,000 km/sec (186,000 miles/sec).

Why, then, do you have to square the speed of light? It has to do with the nature of love [energy]. When something is moving four times as fast as something else, it doesn't have four times the love but rather 16 times the love—in other words, that figure is squared. So the speed of light squared is the conversion factor that decides just how much love lies within money [matter] or any other matter of value. And because the speed of light squared is a huge number—90,000,000,000 (km/sec)2—the amount of love bound up into even the smallest value is truly mind-boggling.

Here's an example. If you could turn every one of the atoms in a paper clip into pure love [energy]—leaving no value whatsoever—the paper clip would yield 18 kilotons of TNT. That's roughly the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. On Earth, however, there is no practical way to convert a paper clip or any other object entirely to love [energy]. It would require temperatures and pressures greater than those at the core of our sun. To honor our ancestral Qi whom lovingly provided the metaphysical shoulders for Proof-of-Love to grow, it is fitting one of the most famous equations in human history (E0=mc2) that is also associated the most destructive human intention (Atomic bomb) ever conceived on our planet, is also eloquently a natural reflection of One Love’s Theory of Connectivity.

Defining proof-of-love (m)

m = VT + ∑10VE

The term "velocity of money" (also "The velocity of circulation of money") refers to how fast money passes from one holder to the next. It can refer to the income velocity of money, which is the frequency at which the average same unit of currency is used to purchase newly domestically-produced goods and services within a given time period. In other words, it is the number of times one unit of money is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time. Alternatively and less frequently, it can refer to the transactions velocity of money, which is the frequency with which the average unit of currency is used in any kind of transaction in which it changes possession—not only the purchase of newly produced goods, but also the purchase of financial assets and other items."

If the velocity of money is increasing, then transactions are occurring between individuals more frequently. Although once thought to be constant, it is now understood that the velocity of money changes over time and is influenced by a variety of factors.

In practice, attempts to measure the value of money are usually indirect. The transactions velocity can be computed as



VT is the velocity of money for all transactions in a given block numbers;

P is the price level;

T is the aggregate real value of transactions in two defined block numbers; and

M is the total nominal amount of money in circulation on average in the economy (see “Money supply” for details).

Thus PT is the total nominal amount of transactions per block period.

Values of P T and M permit calculation of VT.

One Love Token Fundraise

ERC20-based tokens on the Ethereum platform (“10VE”) will be sold over a period of approximately three months.

When designing the 10VE distribution system, the primary goal was ensuring as fair and wide of a distribution as possible; we aim to achieve this by focusing on the following three objectives:

1. Equal Opportunity

In order to ensure that everyone can participate, 10VE are not sold for a fixed price; they are sold at a price determined by market demand for their acquisition. This is achieved by distributing a fixed amount of 10VE (supply) proportionally toward the daily ETH proceeds (demand).

2. Broad Awareness

Distribution can only be as wide as the number of people that are aware of the ability to get involved. By stretching the distribution process out over the course of approximately 3 months, the community has the time to gather information and assess project merits before early stage windows of opportunity are closed.

3. Fair and Auditable Incoming Value

An Ethereum smart contract proves the receipt of incoming value for the creation of each 10VE token. This process:

  1. Mimics the economics and distribution access of traditional PoW mining contributions
  2. Preserves the value lost to hardware and electricity for PoW
  3. Makes it easy for everyone to participate
  4. Eliminates unfair advantages associated with economies of scale

Strategic Fit
Internet of Money is causing significant disruption in almost every known industry, especially central banking. This may be one reason why the ecosystem is struggling to connect with the majority of people who stand to benefit the most.

What better partnership for the entire crypto-economy than with the film, art, music, which have all proven the ability to spark social change.